Mobility That Corrections Rely On

Rounds, inspections, audio communications, inventory, and information all integrated on one device.

The Premises Platform

Premises is not only the best system for rounds and inspections, but the only platform that provides full mobility and all facility functions from one device.

Rounds & Inspections

Premises is the most efficient and accountable system for rounds and inspections. When working around the clock to watch for suicide prevention and compliance you shouldn't settle for anything less.

Custom Rounds and Sensors

Our sensors can be placed anywhere in your facility and are entirely durable. Customizable rounds allow for a variety of workflows.

Audio and Visual Alerting

Premises becomes the device officers rely on by alerting them when a round is due soon or late and gives supervisors a complete view into facility operations.

Audio Communications

Premises makes communication around a facility easy, efficient, and secure. Our device allows staff to communicate with the right personnel at the right time in an easy to use user interface.

Controlled and Selective Communication

Ensure that messages and information is communicated to the right personell at the right time. Send audio to a single person or groups of people at the push of a button.

Recording and Compliance

Easily listen to past audio communications and keep recordings for compliance and ease of use.

Inventory Management

Premises makes inventory management for inmate consumables, staff tools, and more efficient, compliant, and easy to use to reduce costly expenditures and ensure inventory stays up to date.

Variety of scanning technology

From engraved QR codes, barcodes, small microchip sensors, epoxied sensors, and more, Premises ensures that all inventory in any situation can be scanned and tracked.

Staff efficiency

From checking in, checking out, transferring, and recording data, Premises makes sure all staff have the functionality necessary to make their lives easier and ensure facility efficiency.

Information and Mobility

Premises brings your JMS/OMS and other information and integrations mobile with our fully customizable mobility suite. From task lists, Offender lookups, facility information, and more Premises gives staff the flexibility of mobile technology.

Offender Information

Perform Offender lookups and ensure that offenders have the information they need at the right time. As staff walk around they can scan offender wristbands or lookup their ID to give them commissary, account, or other information.

Staff Tasks and Information

JMS/OMS integration with our custom UI and mobility tools give staff the ability to see links, policy information, facility tasks, calendars and more. Ensure that staff have the right information at the right time.

Demand better rounds and facility management

In an age where facilities must keep up with suicide prevention, high demands on officer time, and general facility tasks it is essential that a system meet all these demands. Read what you should expect from a new system and don't settle for anything less.

The future of correctional technology

Correctional facilities and criminal justice is in an age of transition to entirely new models of ROI and social understanding. Technology is at the forefront of this change. Read the technologies and models that are going to be changing corrections for the better.

Every size facility can make the most of Premises

Premises scales to meet the hardware, software, and feature needs that different size facilities require. We work with facilities from 10 beds to over 5000 beds.

  • Scalable platform to pick and choose features
  • Work with budget needs to ensure every facility has access
  • Experience across the US and internationally

Listen to our Latest Testimonial.

Palo Pinto County's Lt. Gregg Doyle discusses how Premises became a system they love and rely on.

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